Zooming closeup from the homepage of the Saint Catherine’s Monastery exhibition.

For International Women’s Day this year, we’re thinking about Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Detail of icon of “Saint Catherine” from the Saint Catherine’s Monastery Museum. View item.

She is remembered as a scholar with a formidable mind who defended her Christian faith to the Roman emperor Maxentius and debated 50 of his most brilliant philosophers…and won.

Catherine debates Maxentius, detail from “Saint Catherine with scenes of her life and honor.” View item.

Catherine succeeded in converting many of them to Christianity through her eloquence, reason, and faith (including the emperor’s own wife!), but the price they paid was death.

“Martyrdom of Great-martyr Catherine of Alexandria.” View item.

She was skilled in philosophy and argued for her cause against Governor Maxentius. Maxentius offered to marry Catherine or for her to become his mistress, but she refused. She was martyred in the early 4th century.

Angels carry Saint Catherine’s body to the Sinai, detail from “Saint Catherine with scenes of her life and honor.” View item.

According to tradition, Catherine’s body was taken by angels to the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt.

Visiting the Holy Summit of Mount Sinai beside the Saint Catherine’s Monastery. 

See the area by traveling to the Holy Summit of Mount Sinai at the Saint Catherine’s Monastery exhibition at https://stcatherines.mused.org/tours/111/mount-sinai-holy-summit

Photograph of the bell tower at Saint Catherine’s Monastery.

The relics of the Egyptian saint were taken to the nearby monastery which became known as Saint Catherine’s Monastery, one of the oldest working monasteries in the world.

Visiting the museum and room dedicated to Saint Catherine at Saint Catherine’s Monastery. 

These images represent Catherine and are safeguarded in the monastery museum. You can visit the museum and tour the artifacts at https://stcatherines.mused.org/tours/2/the-monastery-museum.

Icon of Saint Catherine from the Saint Catherine’s Monastery Museum. View item.

Saint Catherine is the patron saint of single women and female students. She was also one of the prominent voices that helped guide Joan of Arc in battle.

“Sinai and its holy sites by Iakovos Moskos.” View item.

You can read more about Catherine’s life at https://stcatherines.mused.org/stories/40/who-was-saint-catherine.

Explore the monastery at https://stcatherines.mused.org/.

? Image credits to the Mount Sinai Foundations and photography done by Mused.

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